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OBRIEN's Policyholder Engagement Management System (PEMS) Empowers Insurers to Reduce Operational Expenses & Grow

“Improving digital customer communications is a high priority for many insurers. The greatest impact on acquisition and retention will be realized when all digital communications are managed and delivered through a common platform for customer documents, correspondence, statements and billing.”  -Mark Breading Partner, Strategy Meets Action

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OBRIEN is a provider of business solutions specifically designed to modernize and refine an insurance company’s digital customer communications. Partnering with insurance companies for over 40 years OBRIEN offers a holistic approach to policyholder engagement and management. Whether it's printing and distributing regulated documents  through the mail stream or engaging the policyholders via web portals or mobile devices OBRIEN will help you define and execute your strategy for all channels while providing more business insight into the process than previously possible.

OBRIEN helps insurers find effective ways to modernize with its Policyholder Engagement Management System (PEMS) which includes three modules that can be used together as a seamlessly integrated package or as seperate components integrated into core systems. 

The three components include:

  • Optimized print and mail services
  • SolvEdge Digital-CCP (Collaboration and Communication Platform) a web-based system for audited collaborative document design, management and approval and delivery that requires no locally installed software
  • SolvEdge Customer Bill Pay, a web-based system for on-line Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

OBRIEN’s PEMS offering is ideal for carriers who are looking to transition their current customer communications environment to take better advantage of modern technologies.  Too often, carriers have taken piecemeal approaches to customer communications, resulting in disjointed technologies and processes – delivering far less than the ideal customer experiences successful policyholder engagement demands.  While there are a number of technology and solution providers who offer individual components needed for a customer communications strategy, OBRIEN is uniquely positioned to offer a complete solution, including software that is quickly and cost-effectively deployed through a service approach.

When a carrier communicates with its customers it reflects how they do business, defining and deploying a highly efficient and highly effective digital customer communications strategy has never been more important. With OBRIEN’s primary focus over the past 40 plus years on delivering quality customer communications, there is no one better qualified to help carriers to modernize and refine their customer communications strategy to facilitate a productive and pleasant customer experience while helping control costs.

Business Outcomes:

  • Process more claims in less time
  • Accelerate customer on boarding
  • Reduce print & postage cost
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Improve customer experience
  • Improve communication relevance
  • Reduce cycle times
  • Back office cost reduction