Print Service Providers


The print industry is changing rapidly. Customers are developing increasingly complex documents and are consistently demanding shorter turnaround times and greater output consistency. Personalized marketing communications and higher volumes of shorter print runs increase the need for files to come into the print shop ready to print with minimal operator intervention.  Printers are also expected to enhance the end user experience and streamline production and proofing processes to reduce cost and improve time to market. Adding to the challenge is the increased necessity to support multiple output and delivery channels such as email, the web, mobile devices, social media and more.

“Go Green” initiatives are driving companies to examine ways to reduce printing and research alternative ways to communicate that are less costly than paper, more efficient and have a smaller carbon footprint. These initiatives may often be implemented with little or no input from the printer.  Printers who expand their value proposition to include multiple outputs (print, web, email, social networks) will be involved in the decisions transforming organizations today.

The actual presentment of the document is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the process involved in creating and delivering content and managing information.


Printers have a significant advantage competing in this emerging environment. The preparation of output is something printers have been living in for decades. The ability to collect information and present it is at the core of all communications whether it be presenting structured, on-demand or interactive content. What has changed are the tools available to execute the process in a more efficient and multifaceted manner. Printers who are able to navigate these changes to support the needs of their clients will succeed.

Extending the value chain upstream into an organization can create new revenue streams and strengthen the client relationship. Examining entire workflows and business processes of an organization can produce astounding results and solve big picture challenges like Improving time to market, brand integrity, compliance risk and improving customer service while reducing operational and IT costs. Addressing all of these issues collectively helps printers and their clients grow more profitably.

These challenges have been addressed over time by a myriad of software and other solutions creating a web of disjointed applications. These processes lack flexibility, are expensive to maintain and overwhelm IT departments slowing time to market.

A single communication platform can magnify the impact on an organization and provide rapid ROI.

The Digital-CCP Solution

Digital-CCP (Collaboration & Communication Platform) a web-based workflow that streamlines the traditional printing process from storefront through make ready to production and distribution. This single technology solution addresses the needs of today’s print professional by enabling a true end-to-end workflow. It also ensures reliable, consistent printing while keeping the PDF documents device-independent.

Digital-CCP is a web-based workflow software solution for creating, managing and processing forms and documents. Digital-CCP is customized to help companies gain efficiencies and reduce costs through internal and external information exchanges. Digital-CCP provides end-to-end real-time form/document composition, distribution, and publishing, including variable design, data mapping and content integration. From a single platform Digital-CCP supports multiple output formats, preparing content for delivery via paper, web, electronic and more.

Digital-CCP enables printers to manage business processes, forms, document templates and document content without the daily involvement of IT resources. Allowing printers to create business rules that streamline print orders Digital-CCP significantly reduces prepress cost and streamlines production allowing orders to go directly to press.

The OBRIEN/Solvedge collaborative client approach results in maximized return on investment opportunities. OBRIEN/Solvedge researches and understands the client’s existing environment, provides a blueprint of how the process can be transformed into a return on investment, and implements a customized solution with quality.


  • Greatly reduces operational expenses, reduces prepress cost with rapid proven ROI
  • Reduces paper
  • Additional revenue streams for digital publishing
  • Supports multiple file formats and goes beyond PDF and PS
  • Robust job management capabilities with the queue management capabilities
  • Powerful image quality controls
  • Document consistency throughout the entire document process
  • Platform independent
  • Printer independent

For more information or a demonstration of Digital-CCP, contact Mike Mulcahy (630-483-6404 or mike_m@obinc.com), vice president of business development, OBRIEN/SolvEdge.