Print and Mail

Managing customer communications via the USPS effectively can be a challenge. The continued rise in postage cost, mapping data from core and legacy systems and making the communication easy to understand and relevant all contribute to a complex and often costly environment.  Presenting bills, statements, invoices, EOB’s, declarations, cancellations and other mission critical documents efficiently is vital to an organization.

OBRIEN allows our clients to concentrate on their business. We insure the highest delivery rate and the lowest possible postage rates. Our customers' bills are in the mail stream the same day we receive the file, significantly reducing days sales outstanding (DSO) and our solutions are flexible to respond to your specific needs. We deliver millions of time and information sensitive documents and with over 38 years of experience in the industry we understand what it takes to serve your mailing needs.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a statement design that meets your goals and objectives tailoring your communication to work for you. We can provide variable messages and inserts, tracking, archiving, electronic delivery and more. Use our expertise to improve communications and help your bottom line.

Returned Mail

Seventeen percent of your customers may have a new address (based on national statistics). We will mail your statement to their current address. Your list is run through NCOALink, a USPS database with over 160 million address changes during the past 48 months. Our NCOALink Service provides access to the USPS National Change of Address system. We process your files to see if any of the resident addresses in the file have instructed the USPS to forward their mail to a new address. A change of address record is added to the USPS database when an individual, family or business submits a Change of Address card to the USPS. If there is a match, the new address is exchanged for the address contained in your file. These address updates are identified and your documents are then mailed to the current address. You are provided with an electronic report to update your database.

Bad Addresses

Your list is run through Delivery Point Validation (DPV) software to recognize bad addresses. The documents can be mailed or suppressed based on your criteria.

Address Changes

Addresses are updated through Locatable Address Conversion System (LACS) so that if rural routes are changed to a street address or when cities change addresses we modify the address to speed up the mail and can deliver the change to you electronically.

Lowest Postal Rate

Your addresses are standardized and your pieces are presorted for the lowest postage rate. You can also deliver the statement electronically to save all the costs associated with mailing.

Why Outsource

We invest in the latest software and hardware so you don’t have to, reducing your capital and operating expenses allowing you to invest more money in areas that make your company profits.

Improve and Streamline

Cash Management and Capital investment
Improve DSO
Reduce customer service cost
Control incremental expenses

Improved Communication through Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

Our unique ability to understand organizational workflows and our successful track record in reengineering print/mail to electronic presentment and payment makes us an enviable partner. Take it to the next step. See how you can reduce cost and improve customer communication with Customer Bill Pay from OBRIEN.