PEMS - Policyholder Engagement Management System

PEMS™ is a modular system that improves and modernizes an insurers policyholder communications. The system can be deployed modularly allowing insurers to start small but think big, quickly deploying solutions in areas that will have the most impact and adding other modules in stages to help focus on incremental successes.

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PEMS Modules

  • PEMS Optimized Print & Mail - It allows a carrier to address the challenging world of print and mail---providing them with reduced costs to produce and deliver transactional communications to policyholders, agents and other third parties.   PEMS™ Optimized Print and Mail services focuses on reducing fixed costs and underutilized assets while policyholder engagement moves to more robust and flexible channels like desktop or mobile access.
  • PEMS Portal - Allows a policyholder; agent; or customer service person to access policies, premium billing (as well as payments), ancillary documents (claims forms, insurance cards, policy decks, endorsements, etc.) via desktop, mobile or tablet devices on a 24 x 7 basis. Role based authentication allows each user to have a unique view designed to present the correct information in a straightforward easy to understand manner.
  • PEMS ePayments - It allows a policyholder, agent or customer service representative to access premium notices and make or take Credit Card or ACH payments, manage notification delivery preferences (paper or electronic), and view exact replicas of printed statements. This allows the policyholder to easily manage payments without having to toggle to payment sites from their bank or other payment vehicles.   Reducing carrier DSOs and cancelations due to late payments and allowing the policyholder the convenience of service around the clock.
  • PEMS Doc Assembly - It allows knowledge workers across the enterprise to collaborate on the development of forms and documents without depending on costly technical resources. The audited platform allows for exceptional visibility into knowledge worker activity, form version control and supports click and drag data mapping, content management and much more. Documents and forms built in PEMS™ Doc Assembly can be delivered via print, mobile (interactive), desktop and more all from a single source. PEMS™ Doc Assembly also allows users to determine delivery channels and to select specific areas of the document for delivery via SMS Text or Social Media thereby providing an extra touch point with policyholders. For example, policyholder name, account number, amount due and due date can be selected from a premium notice for delivery to the recipient’s smart phone. This provides and extra layer of service prior to the policyholder receiving the full notice via mail, web or email.
  • PEMS Consulting & Analysis Services - Policyholder Engagement gap assessment. There are many moving parts in policyholder communications. There are intertwined systems, processes and people involved. OBRIEN leverages our 42 plus years of experience in the insurance space to help layout a plan for transformation and implementation of new technology and how it will impact the business. Focusing on setting measurable goals will assure results are focused on the impact to policyholders, agents, and other key stakeholders. Return on investment is provided as part of the analysis.