HR can often be a maze of decentralized, fragmented business processes and IT systems. Assembling and delivering relevant timely information to employees can be a manual and monumental task requiring knowledge from HR professionals, IT, providers, designers and more.

Digital-CCP allows companies to consolidate, standardize and streamline processes onto a single platform. This platform provides an environment to collaborate and deliver information to employees via their preferred medium be it web, email, paper and more.

Team members can quickly and easily create/edit personalized communications like EOB’s, Annual Enrollment packages, New Hire packages and more without the need of technical programming, reducing the cost per transaction and speeding the time to deliver and collect information.

With built-in composition, workflows, data mapping, assembly auditing and tracking all on an integrated single platform HR professionals are empowered with the tools they need to get the job done. The single platform also provides many reporting advantages allowing for business insights, powerful reporting and analytics.

By managing employee communications more effectively HR is able to focus on key resource needs of the organization and recruit talent to provide competitive advantage in the marketplace.


  • Enhancing the communications between the company and the employee
  • Lowered costs, increased productivity
  • Re-align HR to a more strategic and less administrative role in the company
  • Eliminates mundane, repetitive paperwork
  • Streamlines organizational processes through electronic approval and routing
  • Self-service resulting in reduced calls to the HR department, less paperwork, and less duplicate data entry


  • Reduced cycle times
  • Reduced costs per transaction
  • Reduced inquiries to HR
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Metrics that clearly demonstrate the self-service approach effectiveness
  • Provides a more scalable, modular approach that is easier to deploy and can be easily changed as the organization changes
  • Technology for non-technology people